Monday, August 11, 2008

Information Management and Marketing

While the domain of "Information Management" is well known to extend to both internal and externally-distributed information assets, it's not so obvious that this domain requires a certain degree of Marketing & Communications expertise. Information governance processes that extend outside the corporate boundary are typically for purposes of compliance, protocol, or other business agreement - though in the past few years it's become more and more necessary to apply information governance techniques TO Internet (or Intranet) Marketing efforts, and leverage Internet Marketing techniques FOR delivering information governance.

There are two binding elements between Internet Marketing and Information Management. The first are the search engines and their automated indexers (i.e. "bots") - Internet Marketing techniques leveraged to influence search engine results (i.e. Search Engine Optimization/Marketing) should very much reflect corporate governance of externally-managed or monitored information assets. In order to mitigate risks and derive maximum value from content distributed on the Internet, as part of any traditional Information Management strategy, Internet Marketing techniques are necessary.

The second binding element is the "Web 2.0" movement. While an organization can to a large degree control the use of its own information, as it exists within its managed governance processes and properties, it can't necessary control how others reuse, paraphrase, comment on or otherwise generate new information that points back to the original. Again, Internet Marketing techniques known as "Social Media Optimization/Marketing", aimed at controlling or at least influencing the generation of collateral, related information, can be a useful tool in extending corporate information management governance.

Below is a simple diagram that trys to depict where the various Information Management and Internet Marketing domains would come into play, under a holistic view of a corporation's information ecosystem. (A following post will go into more detail regarding each of the domains). For a publically-facing enterprise striving to establish the most comprehensive Information Management governance processes, policies and outcomes it can, Internet Marketing capabilities and activities are absolutely essential. For the newer breeds of Search Engine/Social Media Managers - there's a growing demand for a very solid foundation in traditional information management and governance engineering.

Information Management and Internet Marketing

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