Thursday, October 9, 2008

Integrated IT Governance Processes for IT Organizations

The processes involved in managing and governing an IT system lifecycle can be extremely complicated and are frequently uncoordinated - these include governance processes associated with capital planning and investement reviews, acquisition management, portfolio management and enterprise architecture governance (which includes Information Management and Data Governance). If the various governance processes, governance bodies and ultimately the decision-makers in an organization aren't coordinated - IT programs are doomed to marginal return on investment or significant delays, cost name it.

Blackstone Technology Group's expertise in this area, developed over years of IT service consulting to Commerical and Government CIOs, IT Managers and Financial Control Officers, is now packaged in a solution offering termed "IT Governance Process Integration". This is the first end-to-end services consulting offering in the market that enables integrated alignment and coordination of ALL IT governance processes involved in procuring and maintaining an IT system investment.

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