Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Brand Ambassador for Government 2.0

Great post recently about the Government 2.0 "Brand Ambassador", in FCW by Mark Drapeau.

"It’s easy to see governments and their agencies as nameless, faceless monoliths, something impersonal or, even worse, untrustworthy. But that notion only prevails because government culture remains steeped in traditional ideas about public relations and outreach work, notions that have become archaic in an Internet-enabled, hyperconnected world.

As private companies are learning to embrace social media to manage brand reputations, governments also must adapt if they wish to communicate more effectively with their citizens and stakeholders — their customers.

Just like private companies, agencies need to manage their public identity — their brands — to create trust and loyalty. "

This is great insight, as organizations such as DHS are stepping up their efforts and awareness around leveraging Social Media, both from a "push" perspective (i.e. communicating and engaging in dialogues w/constituents), a "pull" perspective (i.e. accepting feedback), and an "awareness" perspective (i.e. monitoring the social media landscape for operational insight).

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