Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Google Penguin, Twitter, and Keyword Research

Trendspotter Interactive Marketing Article - by Fulcrum Marketing Group

Google Penguin and SEO

Google regularly updates and tweaks its algorithms in order to reduce spam and remove weak pages from the first page of its organic search results. Google’s latest update, Penguin, targets Black Hat SEO artists that use aggressive SEO techniques and over-spamming and rewards those sites that focus on strong content and organic link-building. Penguin’s major focus is centered on backlinks and how websites use those links to increase their PageRank. To Penguin, the quality of the website that is linking to your domain is vastly more important than the sheer number of links that direct to it. Penguin will give preferential treatment to honest link-building practices that use mixed-anchor text and on-page optimization rather than back-handed tricks such as cloaking. Spending the time to build natural and organic backlinks in addition to writing quality content for your site will untimely be rewarded by Penguin.

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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture - Actionable Solutions

The recent "Common Approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture" (US Executive Office of the President, May 2 2012) is extremely timely and well-organized guidance for the Federal IT investment and deployment community, as useful for Federal Departments and Agencies as it is for their stakeholders and integration partners. The guidance not only helps IT Program Planners and Managers, but also informs and prepares constituents who may be the beneficiaries or otherwise impacted by the investment. The FEA Common Approach extends from and builds on the rapidly-maturing Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF) and its associated artifacts and standards, already included to a large degree in the annual Federal Portfolio and Investment Management processes – for example the OMB’s Exhibit 300 (i.e. Business Case justification for IT investments). Read more on an actionable common approach to Federal Enterprise Architecture...on the new Oracle Enteprise Architecture for Government Blog.