Monday, July 30, 2018

Top 10 Northern Virginia SEO & Digital Marketing Firms

From time to time we’ve taken account of the digital marketing and SEO landscape around us, here in Northern Virginia. Things change quickly on the Internet, and in the DMV digital business area - particularly for online marketing businesses competing for business, keeping up with Google, and educating local clients about all things digital.  Our research summary here is a mix of current data, and our long-time understanding of the expertise available in our industry here in NOVA.  While our summary may obviously appear subjective - we’re happy to point out the stronger players - while bypassing others - in this area.  Some are friends, some we’ve known, some are newcomers, but the digital marketing industry in Northern Virginia is quite healthy, with a very capable and professional shortlist of providers for the wealth of small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and startups who need help getting to #1 in Google search results.

We did the research, so you don’t have to. 

If you’re an organization seeking visibility online to Northern Virginia customers, partners, future employees or new members - this is the Top 9 List of Northern Virginia SEO and Digital Marketing Firms to consider first.  It’s accurate, right now.

What would you look for, seeking this kind of help?  First, evidence of success - i.e. the company itself and its partners are easy to find on the Internet.  Second, the company leadership and its team are experienced, qualified, easy to find online as local, hands-on professionals - present and active in the local business and technology communities.  Staying power and testimonials are great evidence of capability - the top resources have been in business at least 7-8 years, with plenty of great recommendations across the boards.  Diversity of clients is another indicator of knowledge and agility, dealing with many forms and types of digital marketing. As is diversity and range of services - “digital marketing” truly is an integrated mix of online/offline marketing, technology, creative design, data analytics/science, social channel management and actual business process engineering.  It’s not just web design, not just PR, video tech or Facebook Ads. We’ll also point out that an agency with its roots in business data, marketing technology and Internet services is the right combo to find, vs. those that approach digital marketing first from the social or design angle - that’s not how revenue is produced.

If you simply search the Internet, using terms like “Northern Virginia SEO” - you’ll find many “local” providers - some with seemingly amazing online presence and quals.  Many of these actually aren’t in business, are out of the area (please don’t ever hire an overseas, “virtual” or out-of-state firm - it simply doesn’t work!), are just a single web designer, are really new and green behind the ears, etc. We know; we’ve done the research, we fight it all the time, fighting the “fake SEO news”. Some are actually too big and expensive, for the majority of small and mid-sized businesses in this area. It’s hard to dig through and find - using the criteria we’ve outlined above - the truly helpful, experienced northern Virginia digital marketing team that can and will deliver returns-on-investment you need.

So here are our summary results - the most interesting one concerns “online visibility”. Without taking into account how well each firm actually promotes itself, much of the list order is quite different, mainly the expert “little guys” outshining the larger guys - who may actually get most business via referrals, partnerships and direct sales. This SEO prowess, however, is one of the few true “business results” metrics we can observe in public - without being able to see the actual marketing, web traffic and business results of our competitors’ clients. (Well, we can’t see ALL of it, but some is findable).  So we include it - and the list as a whole is still the same list - the best, top 9 Northern Virginia SEO and Digital Marketing agencies for small and mid-sized businesses to consider now in 2018, heading into 2019.  If your provider, or one you’re considering, isn’t on this list - take another look. They’re probably not all they seem, or likely not up to the task. If you’re not on this list - examine your future clients and competition more closely, and keep on truckin’.

Top 10
  1. - that’s our team and HQ offices in Fairfax City, with evidence of capability and expertise in every category, extremely reasonable costs and terms, plus we’re among the oldest kids on the block (previously “KME Internet Marketing”). Major, active presence among the local business and academic communities, plus really unique skills*. ‘Nuff said, just give us a call if you’d like more information, or just want to connect!
  2. Go Fish Digital - a significant presence in the area and beyond, a larger company that’s been around as long as we have.
  3. Silverback Strategies - in Alexandria, large Paid Media focus and background.
  4. Conversion Pipeline - a couple of local, engaged community experts - with Reston Chamber awards to prove it - plus good resources to help.
  5. Rapidan Inbound - a very focused “inbound marketing” talent with Hubspot certs, friends of ours from the NVTC.
  6. 99 Media Lab - a small group offering expertise that works, growing from their Fredericksburg web design roots.
  7. Bleevit - an experienced group of folks local to the Reston community who have been delivering much success to area clients, a solid online presence. 
  8. Rawson Internet Marketing - SEO expertise from a talented, local individual and his small team.
  9. Gallop Web Services - some of our Loudoun friends in Purcellville, creating and delivering great product for local clients.
  10. SocialMarketWay - an earnest, backlink-driven effort to capture the online SEO market around here, by a motivated newcomer.
  11. BONUS - Foster Web Marketing is also a reputable firm in the area, focusing nearly exclusively on law firms and medical offices.
*'s unique startup by certified IT Systems Engineers, Solution Architects and Program Managers provides world-class, enterprise IT knowledge and capabilities to smaller and mid-sized companies, at a fraction of the cost of a large IT firm or agency.  As well, we've been appointed Commissioners to local Economic Development agencies and leaders at local Chambers of Commerce, the, local STEM programs and local BNIs - all with a finger on the pulse of Northern Virginia's business and technology community. We can help or manage delivery of difficult or complex challenges, including custom IT development and integration, technical research and discovery, large program planning, digital design help in areas concerning cloud, cybersecurity and AI/ML, plus very long-lasting and successful relationships with world-class multi-media production studios and custom/mobile engineering shops.  Most of our smaller businesses won't really need any of this, but the indirect expertise, consultation and experience helps mitigate risks and ensure ROI of even the simplest engagement. Our larger clients and government agencies most certainly need these skills, offered by at significant discounts to typical commercial rates and schedules.  No other firm on this "Top 10" list can demonstrate these unique credentials.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

ALL Data as a Service (DaaS/BDaaS) - EAs in a New Role, as DaaS Enablers

That's where we're headed, inexorably - you'd like to know what's going on with your systems, what your customers or constituents need, or perhaps the latest metrics concerning device utilization trends during business events. And, you'd like this information (all of it, or lots of it) right now, in an easily consumable, visual, semantically-relevant way - to share with your community and to be automatically (or easily) ingested by your other systems or analysis tools. Secure & compliant, fast, portable, standardized if necessary, high quality.

But most of all, you'd like to pay only for the data and the way it's delivered to you - not for a bunch of information technology products and services, hardware and software. You want data-as-a-service, as a consumer; i.e. explicit data units delivered via affordable service units. (Note the service deployment method might include Database-as-a-Service, i.e. DBaaS).

Or - you're on the other side - you want to actually build the DaaS capability, to offer DaaS (or, perhaps a better term is a "Data Sharing Service" ) to your constituents or customers - as a provider.

There are three primary and distinct roles to consider, whether you're building or buying DaaS - regardless of the type or characteristics of data that's being exchanged; big data, open data, fast data, IoT/IoE data, metadata, microdata, multimedia content, structured, non-structured, semi-structured...ALL DATA.

  • The DaaS Consumer - who needs not only to acquire data from somewhere (in a way that shields them from the underlying technology concerns), but also then may use it to develop information apps and services, or repackage the data to share further with others.  The consumer assigns and realizes value from the service.
  • The DaaS Provider - who actually builds, markets and operates the business service and categorized storefront (or catalog), and brokers or stewards the data quality & availability, data rights, licenses and usage agreements between the consumers and the original data owners.  The provider creates, shapes and deploys the opportunities for value-enablement of specific data assets.
  • IT Services Management  - who design, implement and operate the information and data management infrastructure the DaaS Provider relies upon - and manage the IT component and services portfolio this infrastructure includes. For example the databases, virtualization technologies, data access services, storage and middleware capabilities. (Note that "IT Services Management" may be a wholly 3rd-party role, as well as a role within the DaaS Consumer or Provider organizations - there may be 3 or more IT Services Management domains).
There's also a less distinct, more broadly relevant role - the DaaS Enabler. a.k.a. the "Enterprise Architect", which can be a person, a role, or an organizational capability. The EA scope includes a heavy focus on enterprise "universal" information management and governance, infused (particularly in the Public Sector) with the currently vogue philosophies of SOA, Open Data, Mobility, Privacy-by-Design (PbD) and Cloud Computing. (Note that DaaS does not have to be delivered via a "cloud" deployment model - it's equally-applicable delivered as a private data services virtualization platform, for example).

Information management includes the entire lifecycle of "information as an asset" capabilities in an enterprise, and into the stakeholder ecosystem - from the data sources, their ingest and "staging/data quality", to storage in various repositories and access via information & data services, user interfaces and ultimately information-sharing and digital engagement services.  Here's a new view of Oracle's Enterprise Information Architecture (which includes Big Data) - there's quite a lot to cover (contact me for more information about this):

The DaaS Enabler (as a person) might be known by other titles, like Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, DaaS Architect, Information Architect - maybe even Chief Innovation Officer (focusing on data assets); regardless of the title, the experience and scope of attention is as mentioned above, coordinated across all three service roles.  EA skills are essential, because DaaS enablement includes people, processes, technology and information concerns.

Each service role (Consumer, Provider, IT Management) benefits from the DaaS Enabler, particularly given the fact that the maximum value to be realized by each role's investment in effort and resources - is collaboratively dependent on the others, and dependent on acknowledgement of proven, trusted, pragmatic enterprise architecture principles.

Oracle is an example of a DaaS Provider  - empowering businesses and public sector organizations (i.e. DaaS Consumers) to "use data as a standalone asset and connect with partner data to make smarter decisions. Oracle DaaS is a service in Oracle Cloud that offers the most variety, scale, and connectivity in the industry, including cross-channel, cross-device, and known and anonymous data." 

Oracle is also a DaaS Enabler - as an organizational capability, for DaaS Consumers, Providers and IT Services Management.  This includes people (Enterprise Architects, supporting organizations and communities), processes (DaaS engineering, deployment and operations models, case studies, tools and business services), technology (DaaS information and device technologies, tools and platforms, hardware and software) and information (data assets, reference architectures, knowledge capital).

Creating or using Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), Big Data-as-a-Service (BDaaS), or any other DaaS initiative, exposed to the public or entirely within your enterprise?  Identify your DaaS Enabler(s).

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DC, Northern Virginia Digital Strategy - for Businesses, Agencies, Nonprofits - Upcoming Committee Meetings 2014-2015

Thursday, Sept. 18th 7:30-9AM - Build Your Digital Strategy, for 2015

Mark your calendars and RSVP for this first rebranded NVTC "Digital Strategy" meeting of the new fiscal year - kicking off support and insight regarding building and evolving your Digital Strategy for 2015.

Or join the NVTC now to participate!

Hear from other #NVTC business and government members, sharing information regarding the approach to a Digital Strategy, executing and sustaining it for innovative business value.

This is an ongoing series, helping NVTC members through creation and use of their 2015 Digital Strategy, beginning with roles, resources and organizational challenges. Following meetings and forums will address digital business models, digital channels and communication, digital infrastructure and IT impact, plus analytics and value realization.  Mobile, Social, Cloud - these are key enablers, disruptors.

If you're an member engaged in Digital Strategy, as a leader or participant, be sure to regularly attend our committee sessions - let us know, as well, if you'd like to present, provide a speaker or otherwise help guide the committee dialogue!

Note that a “Digital Strategy” is not only public-facing, across the “Internet of Things and Personas”, but also enterprise-facing, enabling and impacting company systems and IT platforms (and therefore a critical Enterprise Architecture opportunity!). It’s also critical guidance, to building or using big/open/fast data capabilities.

What’s your Business Digital Strategy for 2015?

A Digital Strategy, coordinated with your Business Strategy and Roadmap, can cover a lot of ground, roles and responsibilities. It can be quite different by line of business, audience segment, or mission objectives, from healthcare to customer care, from online marketing to mobile gaming.

A methodical approach to building and discussing a Digital Strategy for 2015 will be followed, over the course of these monthly sessions:

1. People - "Who" - Internal; Create Right Mindset & Shared Understanding

  • Leaders, SMEs, Roles
  • Stakeholders, Partners
  • Authorities, Policies
  • Community of Interest, Expertise

2. Plan - "When, Where, Why, How" - (Business)

  • Business Case, Assessment (Research/Analysis)
  • Business Plan/Preparation, Scope/Priorities, Roadmap
  • Business Performance Measures

3. Capabilities, Offerings - "What"

  • Business Model, Processes
  • Brand, Personas
  • Product/Service Portfolio
  • Information as an Asset

4. Choose the Right Platforms - "How" (Technology)

  • Digital Technologies & Services, Deployment Methods
  • Digital Content, Media & Channels
  • Digital Engineering Plan
  • Digital Metrics

5. Engage and Cultivate - "Who" - (External)

  • Business Development/Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Communications, PR
  • Collaboration

6. Measure & Evaluate - Results, Analytics

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Hand-held Motorola CP200 Radios vs. Cellphones Identified as Key to Safety & Reliable DR/Continuity of Operations, for Industry and Government

News reports and incidents regarding issues with reliance on cellphones for event, incident or other monitoring and operations activities requiring mobile communications continues to surface. In this context, those responsible for finding, purchasing and using critical hand-held communications devices are maintaining their use of advanced hand-held radios - including the extremely popular and durable Motorola CP200 handheld radio.

(This is a noteworthy industry perspective, from a KME client partner. Myself and other KME partners are satisfied, regular user of handheld two-way radios for many purposes, business and recreation, when cellphones are impractical or otherwise not designed for purpose.)

National Two-Way Radios, a leading provider of critical Motorola mobile hand-held radio technologies and services, provides current, key evidence for two-way radios vs. cellphones as a critical core or backup component for business and mission operations in all challenging environments.

National Two Way RadiosThis particular hand-held two-way radio, the Motorola CP200, is a long-time favorite of emergency departments, schools, corporate security, outdoor businesses and entertainment venues, marinas, golf courses, ski resorts - anywhere and everywhere reliable, safe, durable and well-tested direct communications across and between Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks and devices. National Two-Way Radio is a trusted, reliable and well-known partner for Motorola CP200 buyers and users - providing two-way radio technologies and support from the Washington DC-Maryland area for many years.

At this recent fair event, for example, AT&T wireless services became problematic during the busiest time with the largest crowds - and both fair volunteer staff and the local Sheriff's department turned to hand-held radios and a mobile command center to maintain situational awareness, operational communications, and emergency monitoring.

I'll point out also, that reliance on Internet-centric communications including Twitter, email, or VOIP/text over IP as enabled by cellphone technologies and Apps are all subject to connection reliability risks - for industrial or commercial communications in the field, a COOP/DR strategy needs always to have radio backup.

Handheld, two-way radios are fundamentally recognized as a more disaster-proof, safer, reliable and useful tool in all applications where critical communications are a requirement, and safe use is a critical part of the context. The Miami Herald recently reported, for example, that a recent ban on handheld cellphones while driving in New Hampshire does not include the use of two-way radios, instrumental to the operations and safety of many industries and businesses - commercial, law-enforcement and other government. This exception appears common to all cellphone-while-driving bans - two-way radios are fully and appropriately allowed.

Organizations have different communications requirements based on the environments their employees and partners operate within. These include very noisy environments, outdoor assignments in both heat and cold, or in dangerous environments that intrinsically require devices that are safe to operate. Different use cases and operation scenarios may require devices that can be used with gloves, include bright displays or operate hands free. Most hand-held two-way radios designed for specific use cases, with their accessories, can meet all of these needs from extra loud speakers, noise-canceling microphones to glove friendly ergonomics, extreme temperature ratings, and ruggedized components (such as the "proven tough" Motorola two-way radio batteries).

Handheld Two-Way Radios for IndustryWhile cellphones benefit from smaller form-factors and "smart phone" applications, two-way radios necessarily tend to be a bit larger and bulkier - in order to accommodate higher power output levels for maximum "talk-in" coverage range. An interesting consequence of a higher power output level is that it also increases the reliability of a feature found in two-way radio that is not available in cellular – direct mode operation or repeater talk-around.

As described at this Motorola solution community, two-way radio systems have the "direct mode" feature as a last resort form of communications in case the portable radios lose connectivity with the infrastructure. This allows the users to communicate directly with each other without the use of the infrastructure. For industrial and government users talking in direct mode...having some limited communications is better than none at all. Higher power output levels increases the reliability of the communications between the radios since the higher power level overcomes the signal path loss better in many environments.

Take advantage of the long-tested, well-known features of this critical communications technology today - for current operational use, as well as backup and disaster operations and recovery scenarios, when cellphone use is likely to be unreliable or can't meet operational requirements. National Two-Way Radio is currently offering hand-held radios including the Motorola CP200 and accessories for the absolute lowest pricing online, free programming for life, and essential, experienced consumer use guidance and technical support. Consider and evaluate a handheld two-way radio right now, before your local or regional cellular network becomes unresponsive or otherwise inaccessible.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Northern Virginia Hire a US Veteran Information Campaign Kickoff - Lake Ridge, VA Wed Apr 30 10AM-2PM

Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC) Hire a Vet Kickoff

Date: Wed 30 April 2014
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (Networking Coffee 9-10am)
Location: Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC), 3421 Commission Ct., Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Registration is required, at this registration link.

NVABC, in conjunction with a long list of sponsors, is proud to support our nation's veterans and their transition from military service to gainful employment and business opportunities.

Companies and supporters are invited to come to the NVABC "Hire A Vet" Kickoff, to meet military veteran job seekers in the Northern Virginia region, network with other Northern Virginia businesses, and to learn about the wide range of accessible, local programs and resources available to support veteran transitions. The event is designed to provide businesses with the most updated information and insights to maximize their veteran hiring goals.

This past week, The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the Veteran Unemployment rate in 2013 was 9%. A few months ago, the Washington Post reported "The unemployment rate for recent veterans is incredibly high". Last week, McClatchy reported that young post 9-11 US veteran unemployment is a staggering 21.4%. Fox News this week suggests the Pentagon may be partially to blame, and says "...much of the problem lies in a failure to connect veterans to the right employment services in the right place at the right time." Yesterday, New Labor Department regulations went into effect that require federal contractors to take steps to hire minimum numbers of protected veterans and disabled workers. With the US out of Iraq, and soon out of Afghanistan, the DoD, as reported yesterday in the NY Times, plans further reduction the armed forces to levels preceding WW-II.

Veteran unemployment is a major problem, and likely to get worse. The good news is that there are a lot of resources out there to help. Companies that want to help need these resources. That's where this event comes in. The NVABC Hire a Vet Kickoff is designed to provide Northern Virginia businesses and companies with the information/resources they need to comply with the new veteran employment regulations, and to help their businesses succeed and thrive by hiring veterans.

At the event, companies and veterans will learn about the resources designed to help veterans find jobs and start businesses as well as the programs in place designed to help employers find and hire veterans.

Speakers and topics at the event include:
Special Guests
Special thanks also to corporate sponsors of the Northern Virginia Business Center and its Hire a Vet initiative:
Date: Wed 30 April 2014
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM (Networking Coffee 9-10am)
Location: Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC), 3421 Commission Ct., Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA 22192

Registration is required, at this registration link.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why Information Sharing Precedes Open Data - Coffee Talk

The Agency Deputy CIO (DCIO), Enterprise Architect (EA), IT System/Security Manager (ITSM) and the Open Data Community Evangelist (ODCE) – Over Cafeteria Coffee

The DCIO & ITSM at a table, talking about the annual IT budget status. The ODCE drifts over, recognizes the ITSM from a recent agency newsletter.

ODCE – "Can I sit here? I wanted to talk to you about opening up data, freeing it, from your system to my Github group. Want to join? It’s at, plus there will be an announcement soon on Sharepoint."

ITSM – "Um, sure. Do you have a badge? Who do you work for?"

DCIO (Thinking – this must be one of those social media risks. Can you twitter without using your hands? Maybe he’s got the new Google glasses thing. Need to check my email. This coffee is a bit stale.)

ODCE – "Oh, sorry (produces badge from pocket) – the lanyard felt like a tie. I’m not a clacker yet, you know, with all the badges, I mostly telecommute – but I work for the Outreach/PR office, I’m their Wordpress Content Administrator and SoMe Evangelist."

ITSM (Thinking – is clacking a bad thing? When did we get Wordpress, is it on MySQL? Can I telecommute?) "What data do you need? Where does your Github group sit, on the 3rd floor with Outreach?"

DCIO – "Yes, open data is a great thing, probably. But isn’t “io” a foreign country TLD? We can’t expose our data to them. Wait, isn’t that an ocean?"

ITSM – "Not our data, anyway – it’s sensitive. You’re a DBA? Do you know Bill, our DBA? He has the legacy and big data platforms. I think “io” is really British."

ODCE – "Bill? No, does he know Wordpress? It’s really easy, with all the plug-ins. isn’t really foreign, it’s all over, it’s crowdsourced development. Github is on the Internet, it’s really outside of work."

ITSM – "Bill’s our Oracle DB expert, he’d need to understand this – but is this a requirement from your office, a work thing, maybe a FOIA request or some new regulation? Who’s your manager?"

DCIO (Thinking – “crowdsourcing” can be cheaper, but it’s too much risk – when did we get Wordpress, is it part of the Portal? Is it better than Drupal?) – "Please ask your manager to check with our Enterprise Architect (Katie) on this."

ODCE – "Open Data is the new currency of the Internet, a public utility, it’s like free energy for everyone. It’s massive, but accessible. My manager is Scott, but you don’t really manage “evangelizing” or social media, it’s part of the new company DNA. What’s the Enterprise Architect, does she work for you?"

DCIO (Thinking – “massive” doesn’t mean “free” around here) – "Katie does work for me, she’s in the Directory (but she keeps telling me she belongs in the CFO’s office.). I have a Big Data conference call to attend – good luck with your DNA club, I think my daughter’s in one just like it, at school!" (He leaves, quickly).

ITSM (checking his phone – Wordpress? Maybe it costs less than the CMS platform we have, but isn’t it “freeware”? Drupal really isn't so free...) – "I have a meeting also, about our SOA Data Security status with Bill – I’ll let him know to expect a new system interface request, from the PR office? Use the help desk form, if you can access it – it would be an “enhancement”, probably, for next quarter earliest, especially if it’s using our new SOA platform. Thanks for introducing yourself." (He leaves, beelines across the cafeteria after spotting his Scrum Master).

@ODCE (Drifting away, tweeting) - #opendatarising #Agency CIO all over Open Big Data 4 next qtr, share via – #opensource #dontcomehereforthecoffee.

@DCIO (Locked) - @KatieEA, are you finished with our “As-Is” data models? I think the PR office has a new database. Also, please check http://www...(text truncated)

KatieEA (Thinking – I thought we were skipping the “as-is”, and focusing on the “to-be” – that’s what the new OMB 300 guys really want this year, part of the “Open Government” mandate or something. But we don’t have any new “major investments” to report, beyond the new Open Data catalogue, BPM and SOA software just purchased by the GIS department. I’ll check with Bill.) – To DCIO (via email) – "DCIO, let’s talk via email, my twitter is really just for home stuff."

Outcome – “Information Sharing” will/should always precede “Open Data”, so plan for it - plus, always include your EA.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Project Management, PMP, ITIL, Cost Estimating Business Training & Certification in Virginia

If you're in any way associated with Government contracting, project or program management, project or system cost estimating or resourcing, whether on the job or during acquisition processes and proposal preparation - you may need PMP, ITIL or Cost Estimation Certification and/or training. This is important not only from the business manager perspective, but also from the Enterprise and Solution Architect perspective - it comes in very handy.

Here's a shout-out to some respected professionals at Trio-Consulting and the Northern Virginia Business Center, for an upcoming PMP certification preparation course - as well as many other professional, Federal and DoD contract-focused training and certifications.

Trio Consulting at 3421 Commission Ct, Suite 100, Lake Ridge, VA (Prince William County, near Woodbridge) is offering a 4-day intensive PMI-PMP Bootcamp March 31-April 3 in preparation for PMP Certification in Northern Virginia. Visit the website or call 571-267-1445 for discounted rates today, using promo code "PMPMAR".

Working with the government can be difficult. There is a vast bureaucracy filled with red tape, legal caveats, and rules to navigate once you’ve entered the contract, project or program management role. To be fully prepared, it’s important that you have the training and knowledge to function effectively, for the government or your company. To be truly competitive, and deliver high value work on government programs - managers need to be qualified and even better, certified in standardized project management methodologies. A PMI PMP Certification will put you ahead of your competitors, and make you confident operating under government rules and regulations.

As a source of information for small businesses in Woodbridge, Lake Ridge, Prince William County, and the rest of Northern Virginia, the Northern Virginia Business Center (NVABC) is happy to bring this necessity and training opportunity to your attention. The NVABC, a business incubation and startup facility for Northern Virginia, offers new or expanding businesses help with federal contracting, legal assistance, DC-area digital marketing and information technology, business strategies and planning, and many other advisory services for members. The NVABC's proximity to the nation’s capital makes it a significant, effective source for business training and certification required to address most government programs and contracts.

Trio Consulting, located in Lake Ridge VA, offers Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification training, based on guidance and training requirements of the Project Management Institute (PMI.) The Trio Consulting PMI PMP "Bootcamp" is a 4 day in-depth training course from March 31 to April 3 at the NVABC, that fulfills PMI's 35-hour project management training requirement, and leverages the PMP Exam Simulator for real-time, in class test preparation.

According to Trio, the training is for “Professionals seeking certification to meet contract requirements, organizational staff development goals or personal enrichment.” The course itself is geared not only towards learning the information needed to pass the PMI Exam, but also investigates each of the Project Management Framework’s 47 processes. By the end of this four-day program, you’ll be ready for the test and to move forward with your business.

Additional professional development and certification training is available via Trio Consulting and the Northern Virginia Business Center, in Woodbridge (Lake Ridge) Northern Virginia - contact them as soon as possible to register for the PMP Boot Camp and other professional development classes.