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The Local Business and Government Digital Marketing Dilemma — Top Eight Strategies in Virginia Emerging Into the Post-COVID era 2021

As we’ve known but which became crystal clear this past year, social platforms online are in fact publishers — as they curate, craft, select, unselect, create, delete, promote media to target audiences, as a multi-billion dollar business model. Some “participate” more than others, supporting or suppressing content, paid or not. Yes, you may freely use the platform for your own communications purposes — but it’s not a garden walled from publisher-owner influence or governance, at all. Mobile phones and devices also are publisher tools — curating and presenting content informed by your physical activities — though this is becoming more difficult with crackdowns on mobile identification for personal privacy purposes. What difference does this make to your business? Particularly the B2B, B2G, online B2C and nonprofit communities? (Setting aside brick-and-mortar retail for a while more). In short, this year, your own publishing power needs attention, to your own audience for attention to yo
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Accumulating Technical Debt is a Contagion, that Federal, DoD and Army Data Centers can Battle

Among the Federal government data center communities, the threat of incurable technical debt (TD) is pervasive - where short term planning and siloed IT design leads to procurement of IT COTS software, hardware and services that quickly become obsolescent and continually increase maintenance costs. This leads to the inability of Agencies to find and use new revenues or cost savings to deal with unexpected mission demands or to use new industry technologies. Modeling, monitoring and treating TD as a virus is an appropriate response - though requires as much continual input from the operators as from the architects, i.e. a “whole-of-enterprise” approach. There’s no herd-immunity to this disease, this rapidly multiplying and spreading pandemic. There is, however, expert commercial experience already fighting this contagion and its attack vectors, that public-sector IT programs should be leveraging. Read more at " The Technical Debt Virus: Attacking an IT Contagion Across Federal, DoD

Commercial Insights for Government Solutions — Smart Cities Implications

More and more often, governments (local, state, Federal) are finding the most current, useful and high-performing solutions (particularly in the IT space) are created through very collaborative engagement of the commercial ecosystem.  Bringing " commercial insights for government solutions " to bear, is actually essential at this time, for example in designing, building and improving Smart City initiatives. Read more about how commercial insights for government solutions is practiced in the use case of the Las Vegas Smart City, a collaboration between NTT DATA, the citizens and government of this American city.

Mission Data and Information Intelligence, Analytics, AI - the DoD and Army's Data Strategy

The New Army Data Strategy, Due Soon in 2019. Many in our mission intelligence and data management community are eagerly anticipating the pending release of the Army’s 2019 Data Strategy (last released in 2016). The  2016 strategy  still is entirely (mostly) relevant, however, and in fact remains to be fully implemented in all corners of the Army. The digital domain with AI/ML tools is quickly evolving, however – by the data owners, data consumers and their enemies. A recent industry quote "Army Chief Information Officer/G-6 Lt. Gen. Bruce Crawford told reporters at the Association of the U.S. Army's annual meeting Oct. 15 the data strategy will help ensure the service's data is accessible, understandable and trusted. The unstructured nature of our data today doesn't allow us to do that until we implement a data strategy... Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities will be best put to use in structured and clean data, something the service do

Top 10 Northern Virginia SEO & Digital Marketing Firms

From time to time we’ve taken account of the digital marketing and SEO landscape around us, here in Northern Virginia. Things change quickly on the Internet, and in the DMV digital business area - particularly for online marketing businesses competing for business, keeping up with Google, and educating local clients about all things digital.  Our research summary here is a mix of current data, and our long-time understanding of the expertise available in our industry here in NOVA.  While our summary may obviously appear subjective - we’re happy to point out the stronger players - while bypassing others - in this area.  Some are friends, some we’ve known, some are newcomers, but the digital marketing industry in Northern Virginia is quite healthy, with a very capable and professional shortlist of providers for the wealth of small and mid-sized businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and startups who need help getting to #1 in Google search results. We did the research, so you d

ALL Data as a Service (DaaS/BDaaS) - EAs in a New Role, as DaaS Enablers

That's where we're headed, inexorably - you'd like to know what's going on with your systems, what your customers or constituents need, or perhaps the latest metrics concerning device utilization trends during business events. And, you'd like this information (all of it, or lots of it) right now, in an easily consumable, visual, semantically-relevant way - to share with your community and to be automatically (or easily) ingested by your other systems or analysis tools. Secure & compliant, fast, portable, standardized if necessary, high quality. But most of all, you'd like to pay only for the data and the way it's delivered to you - not for a bunch of information technology products and services, hardware and software. You want data-as-a-service, as a consumer; i.e. explicit data units delivered via affordable service units. (Note the service deployment method might include Database-as-a-Service, i.e. DBaaS). Or - you're on the other side - you

DC, Northern Virginia Digital Strategy - for Businesses, Agencies, Nonprofits - Upcoming Committee Meetings 2014-2015

Thursday, Sept. 18th 7:30-9AM - Build Your Digital Strategy, for 2015 Mark your calendars and RSVP for this first rebranded NVTC "Digital Strategy" meeting of the new fiscal year - kicking off support and insight regarding building and evolving your Digital Strategy for 2015. Or join the NVTC now to participate! Hear from other #NVTC business and government members, sharing information regarding the approach to a Digital Strategy, executing and sustaining it for innovative business value. This is an ongoing series, helping NVTC members through creation and use of their 2015 Digital Strategy, beginning with roles, resources and organizational challenges. Following meetings and forums will address digital business models, digital channels and communication, digital infrastructure and IT impact, plus analytics and value realization.  Mobile, Social, Cloud - these are key enablers, disruptors. If you're an member engaged in Digital Strategy, as a leader