Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Internet Reputation Management - for Government

A really great article on Internet Reputation Management concepts for government was recently posted at FCW, entitled "Who is Watching Your Online Image"? In it, Andy Beal speaks to the cautious but imperative initiave of public service agencies to extend eGovernment initiative into the Social Media space, most especially the blogosphere. But this extension of services and participation in the online dialogue is double-sided; on the one hand, this may offer great advantages to the government agency and its constituents, on the other hand, it needs to be carefully controlled from an online reputation management perspective - though government blogging and social media participation is precisely what may really help, in cases where the agency's reputation or position is besmirched.

Here's another recent take on Internet Identity and Reputation Management, from Fox 5 News in DC - more from a consumer and business perspective, than government. But the tenets and advice still apply, even more so.

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