Friday, February 20, 2009

Digital Asset Socialization - and Other Mashonyms

The practice of leveraging digital asset management and exploitation techniques combined with social media tools to provide new ROI opportunities from existing corporate information assets.

Socialize your digital assets (but still treat and manage them as information, that has both explicit and implicit value).

That's right - another new mashonym - i.e. mashing up some key terms and acronyms pulled from the swirl of Web 2.0 to come up with a new one....

Fun with terms I've invented so far:

- Mashonym - Web 2.0-driven mashups of social media acronyms
- Avonym
- DAS - Digital Asset Socialization - see above
- Ecovent - Ecosystemic (i.e. ecologically perceived and managed) events - i.e. the cause-effect context of a temporal, geospatial event to faceted ecosytems.

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