Friday, July 16, 2010

TIBCO jobs and careers - DC, Federal Government

Just a quick comment noting the increasing availability and demand for TIBCO engineers, developers, architects and other TIBCO job offerings, as TIBCO establishes its strong presence across the Federal Government and Homeland Security IT marketing with its SOA/ESB and BPM offerings, including ActiveMatrix, Silver Spotfire Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics with Infrastructure Demand Prediction, and all other products and related systems development tools and programming languages. Average salaries range from $80K - $150K for senior architects; it's an employee demand market, so very competitive offerings are available. The TIBCO job market appears to have recovered from its downslide in 2008, and is headed sharply upwards since mid-2009 through now in 2010. Check for more info...Specific TIBCO skills being sought at median salaries of $100K and rising include:

Software Design/Development, TIBCO Architect, C, HTML, SQL, Java Script, TIBCO BusinessWorks 2.x/5.x, TIBCO Collaborator/Formflow, TIBCO Adapter SDK, TIBCO Rendezvous, TIBCO Adapter for Active Database, TIBCO Adapter for SAP, and many others...

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