Tuesday, September 9, 2014

DC, Northern Virginia Digital Strategy - for Businesses, Agencies, Nonprofits - Upcoming NVTC.org Committee Meetings 2014-2015

Thursday, Sept. 18th 7:30-9AM - Build Your Digital Strategy, for 2015

Mark your calendars and RSVP for this first rebranded NVTC "Digital Strategy" meeting of the new fiscal year - kicking off support and insight regarding building and evolving your Digital Strategy for 2015.

Or join the NVTC now to participate!

Hear from other #NVTC business and government members, sharing information regarding the approach to a Digital Strategy, executing and sustaining it for innovative business value.

This is an ongoing series, helping NVTC members through creation and use of their 2015 Digital Strategy, beginning with roles, resources and organizational challenges. Following meetings and forums will address digital business models, digital channels and communication, digital infrastructure and IT impact, plus analytics and value realization.  Mobile, Social, Cloud - these are key enablers, disruptors.

If you're an NVTC.org member engaged in Digital Strategy, as a leader or participant, be sure to regularly attend our committee sessions - let us know, as well, if you'd like to present, provide a speaker or otherwise help guide the committee dialogue!

Note that a “Digital Strategy” is not only public-facing, across the “Internet of Things and Personas”, but also enterprise-facing, enabling and impacting company systems and IT platforms (and therefore a critical Enterprise Architecture opportunity!). It’s also critical guidance, to building or using big/open/fast data capabilities.

What’s your Business Digital Strategy for 2015?

A Digital Strategy, coordinated with your Business Strategy and Roadmap, can cover a lot of ground, roles and responsibilities. It can be quite different by line of business, audience segment, or mission objectives, from healthcare to customer care, from online marketing to mobile gaming.

A methodical approach to building and discussing a Digital Strategy for 2015 will be followed, over the course of these monthly sessions:

1. People - "Who" - Internal; Create Right Mindset & Shared Understanding

  • Leaders, SMEs, Roles
  • Stakeholders, Partners
  • Authorities, Policies
  • Community of Interest, Expertise

2. Plan - "When, Where, Why, How" - (Business)

  • Business Case, Assessment (Research/Analysis)
  • Business Plan/Preparation, Scope/Priorities, Roadmap
  • Business Performance Measures

3. Capabilities, Offerings - "What"

  • Business Model, Processes
  • Brand, Personas
  • Product/Service Portfolio
  • Information as an Asset

4. Choose the Right Platforms - "How" (Technology)

  • Digital Technologies & Services, Deployment Methods
  • Digital Content, Media & Channels
  • Digital Engineering Plan
  • Digital Metrics

5. Engage and Cultivate - "Who" - (External)

  • Business Development/Lead Generation
  • Sales
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Communications, PR
  • Collaboration

6. Measure & Evaluate - Results, Analytics

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