Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Government 2.0 Coming Up

From the tweetdeck: RSS to @blackstone’s microblog pings from #gov20camp 3/27/2009 complete w/tarpiped flickrs, tumblr’d friendsters, LinkedIn group comments and delicious GovLoop tags – maybe Ustream, Youtube or Podcast, too. Or just read our blog, or my blog. Socialize - it's the new granite.


Kenneth said...

Ted, based on your comments related to the recent gov Social Media 'unconference' (I love that BTW), it sounded like you gave a 'Twitter 101' overview to the audience participants. Do you have a presentation together on your site about this that I could review?

Ted McLaughlan said...

I helped facilitate a discussion specifically on social media governance, in government....for Twitter 101, just search on this in Google - lots of great advice right up front!